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Are You Tired of Struggling With Low Back Pain?

Are You Tired of Struggling With Low Back Pain?

We've relieved thousands of patients of their pain...let us help you too!

We've relieved thousands of patients of their pain...let us help you too!

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Dr. Josh Knotts, Clinic Director

Dr. Knotts has been practicing for more than 17 years.  He has treated thousands of patients for a variety of conditions including acute and chronic pain.

Treatment for:

  •  Low back pain
  •  Spinal disc injuries
  •  Bulging or herniated discs
  •  Sciatica
  •  Nerve problems
  •  Numbness & tingling
  •  Acute & chronic conditions

Here's The Process

 Step One - Consultation

(*the consultation is no cost)

You'll meet with Dr. Knotts to briefly discuss the problem that you are having.  If he believes that you are a candidate for care, he will then recommend that you become a new patient. It is then your choice if you would like to proceed as a new patient.

 Step Two - History and Exam

If you choose to move forward as a patient, you will then go through a more comprehensive history and physical examination to determine the potential cause of the problems that you are having.

 Step Three - Diagnostics

Depending upon the problem, some patients may require further diganostic tests to be be performed.  Examples of these are X-rays or MRI exams.  This will be discussed with you.

 Step Four - Report of Findings

Once the history, examination and diagnostics have been completed, the doctor will review all of this information with you and discuss a recommended treatment plan moving forward.

 Step Five - Treatment

Depending upon your diagnosis, the doctor will determine the best course of care for you.  This can involve treatment with the doctor, referral to another provider, further diagnostic testing, etc.  You and the doctor will discuss your treatment plan.

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Your information is always private

Patient Testimonials

"After being in an auto accident, I came to Dr. Knotts to get neck and back pain relief. He gave me realistic goals and a plan to get my life back on track. I have already noticed tremendous improvements in my pain levels and mobility. There is no way I would be where I am now without the help of the staff and Dr. Knotts." 

Whitney K, Tulsa, OK

"I was so tired of the pain that I finally decided to see Dr. Knotts, at Tulsa Disc Center and I'm so glad I did! After several tests and exams I was able to start the Spinal Decompression Program and this program has changed my life..NOW I have feeling back in my legs and I can bend over, things I couldn't do before. It has given my life back!" 

Jordan J, Tulsa, OK  

"I had a problem with my foot it was inflamed and I could not play sports. In the consultation the doctor explained to me that it was due to a problem in my back.  After a just few sessions  the pain started to go away.  I can now play sports, I feel much better, without pain and I can sleep better. I'm very grateful that I completed all of my treatments!"

Margarita M,  Midtown Tulsa, OK